A NEW app which lets residents report incidents of fly-tipping in their area is being created by an Essex-based software developer.

Tippov is the brainchild of Colchester resident Simon Wright and his Green For A Change developing firm.

Created with little to no funding, the app will allow residents to report incidents of fly-tipping, graffiti and vandalism and mark them on a map on the app.

The idea is authorities can have their own administrator accounts, creating a quick and easy way to report incidents directly to those who can deal with them.

Disgusting - developer Simon Wright is creating a new app letting users


Mr Wright, 52, said: "Fly-tipping, illegal dumping of waste is getting worse and worse.

"After a particularly bad tipping incident near to us we decided to do something about this.

"I have been a software technical architect for more than 15 years, so I decided we needed to come up with an application ourselves.

"Additionally I am passionately involved with placemaking and ecology, improving the space in which our community resides - and encouraging respect for our spaces is essential. So I developed Tippov."

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How does Tippov work?

Free to download, the app lets residents report incidents of fly-tipping, graffiti and vandalism with the press of a few buttons.

As soon as the incident is reported the idea is the party responsible for the area will be notified by email or text.

There is an administration panel which lets authorities locate offending items, view them and see summary data.

Mr Wright is based in Colchester but as the app is cloud-based he says it can report from virtually anywhere.

When will Tippov launch?

Essex developers new app Tippov lets you report fly-tips on your phone


Mr Wright is still working on the app and wants to develop it further before launch.

The developer has got this far with little to no funding, but says now he needs help to get it up and running.

He also wants to get the word out about Tippov to residents across Essex and further afield.

He is looking to hear from business sponsors who may be able to help.

Where can I find out more?

For more information about Tippov, visit https://tippov.com.

Or email info@tippov.com.