CAMPAIGNERS are vowing to continue to fight plans to demolish a community centre as more details are revealed on the project.

Castle Point Council is set to demolish the Paddocks Community Centre, Long Road, Canvey and replace it in a £3.28million project.

Residents across the island have complained since plans were first touted in 2018, insisting the current site should be revamped rather than demolished and replaced.

New details released by the council this week show a large hall containing seating for 300 people and a stage, with the hall also be used for sports including badminton and bowls.

There will also be two smaller meeting rooms on the ground floor for different activities and community groups.

Sue Brooke, 67, of Canvey said: “The cost for the new hall is ridiculous and will be very close to the back of my garden.

“I still do not understand why the council cannot renovate the hall as it will cost half of this and has twice that capacity.

“It doesn’t make any sense and we believe the council is doing this as it wants to sell off some of the land.”

Council bosses have insisted it is unlikely homes will be built on the site.

Fellow campaigner Linda Norton, 67, said: “We had 11,500 sign the petition to stop this and we are angry the council is ignoring us.

“It’s a sheer waste of money to build the new centre.

“It will be closer to the homes and those people will not be happy about it.”

Plans also include a community hub and café, while on first floor there will be office space and another meeting room.

The council has also instructed construction consultancy firm Ingleton Wood to carry out detailed proposals.

Jeffrey Stanley, temporary Tory leader of Castle Point Council hit back at the campaigners and said despite all the evidence they still refuse to believe it.

He said: “We have carried out various surveys and the Paddocks is in a terrible state and there are parts which are unusable due to the state of it.

“If they say we do not have the money they do not know what they are talking about.

“Any claims about new homes on the site are lies, there has been no decision and I think it’s unlikely.”