POPULAR American comedian and satirist Bill Maher recently gave a memorable monologue on his late night talk show about how we need to see a global return to the freedom and partying of the Roaring Twenties as we stumble out of lockdown (minus the prohibition of course).

The comedian and host of Real Time with Bill Maher stressed we need to learn lessons from the first era of fun-seeking flapper girls and serious partying but embrace the resurgence of such a positive era from history.

He’s certainly not the only one to believe that the Roaring Twenties 2.0 is on the horizon.

Analysts across the globe have been making comparisons between the impact of Covid-19 and the Spanish flu epidemic that ended in 1920 and sparked a decade of economic and cultural change.

The Spanish flu is estimated to have killed 500 million people across the globe – and that was already on the back of a world war.

But in the months and years that followed, the world entered one of its most hedonistic eras where people were determined to stop feeling bad and start having the time of their lives.

Flapper girls symbolised the culture of the decade, with jazz and dancehalls entertaining young people who had been starved of such activities.

When it comes to our own personal style, many fashion designers and beauticians believe the days of lounging around the house in our PJs and jogging bottoms, thanks to the lockdowns and pandemic-forced hibernation, will make way for the return of full-on glamour and once again see us getting dressed up to head to the office.

With many hair and beauty salon ‘slot spaces’ already sold out before they had even re-opened and others staying open 24 hours a day to cater for demand, it does seem like this summer is going to see many people letting loose.

Heading away for a mini-break or for a west end show will also mean upping the style factor. After all, a night at the theatre has never seemed so appealing.

Personal stylist Emma Togwell from Leigh, who runs the popular blog Salty Air Sunkissed Hair said: “The last pandemic was in 1918 and what followed was a decade of decadence with the roaring Twenties.

Will we be following in their well-heeled footsteps, I wonder?

“The general feeling seems to be a fervour towards glamour, in all its beguiling forms. Be that a full face of makeup, piling on jewellery or feeling groomed in the way that whispers a quiet sort of glamour (nails done, hair freshly cut and makeup carefully applied).

“It doesn’t necessarily mean we will be wafting around the supermarket in our ballgowns, but the opportunity to ditch the loungewear and step into something that makes us feel special will be key to post-pandemic fashion.

“Casual dressing was alive and kicking long before Covid-19 and will continue alongside a renewed passion for dressing up, clinking glasses with our beloved ones and reapplying our lippy!

“The post pandemic fashion movement will coincide with our wish to escape and embrace joy in everything, the previously mundane will become euphoric.

“Don’t be surprised if you encounter sequins on the school run, my hope is that everyone has a little more fun. After all a little glitter goes a long way....”

Stylist @emma_togwell