AN excited theme park is over the moon following a successful return to business.

The Adventure Island theme park in Southend reopened on Saturday following months of closure due to the ongoing Covid restrictions.

But following the easing of lockdown measures on April 12, the park was given the green light to open its doors to the public.

Park bosses say the day was a success with warm weather seeing people flock to the Southend seafront.

Managing Director Marc Miller says he was delighted to see everyone back at the park.

He said: "We had a pretty busy weekend due to Covid restrictions limiting our numbers, customers were queuing for over an hour most of the morning and early afternoon.

"We are fortunate in that people have learnt patience during lockdown so all were happy.

Generally speaking 99 per cent of customers were activating their annual passes pre sold at Christmas and since.

"The clock only starts ticking on the first day of usage this was the day for a few thousand of them.

"We were lucky with the weather as well, so thank you Boris for supplying the sunshine."

The Adventure Island boss also says the theme park stopped as visitors paid their respects to the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who's funeral took place that Saturday.

Marc added: "What was nice when we stopped the rides at three o’clock for a minutes silence and virtually the whole park stood in respect."

Visitors to the park were also excited to get back to normality and enjoy the attractions.

Cheryl, 42, from Rayleigh said: "So lovely to have something to do and fresh air.

"Just bought annual passes so will definitely be back more often.

"Considering the volume of people, safety has been managed excellently.

Chloe, 25, from Southend added: "So amazing being back outside, so happy for the children.

"Is a little nerve-racking but looking at social media and everything, a lot of effort has been put in to keep it safe, which has put our minds at ease."