A photo taken at the scene of a crash earlier this morning has shown the damaged caused to one of the vehicles involved. 

The smash happened around 7am along London Road in Benfleet and caused long delays in the area throughout the morning rush hour. 

A Vauxhall Vectra and BMW were reportedly involved in the collision. 

A photo taken from the scene showed both police and ambulance staff were called to the incident. 

The BMW also appeared to have suffered significant damage to the front as a result of the crash which happened near to the junction of Homefields Avenue. 

Clive Walter, Conservative councillor for St George's ward, wants collisions on the road to be closely monitored amid fears of an increase. 

He said: "There has been quite a few crashes around there but the problem is, no one reports them to the police. 

"This means they never show up on crash data so no one thinks there is an issue. 

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"I know there has been problems with speeding around there before because it's close to the A13 and people don't always follow the 30mph speed limit. 

"We were going to get volunteers to use speed guns at various points along the road to monitor and report drivers who were speeding to the police. 

"But it has been held up due to Covid."

East of England Ambulance Service says two patients were treated at the scene before being transported to Southend Hospital for further care. 

A spokesman confirmed two ambulances and a rapid response vehicle were called to the incident.