A FAMILY are delighted after being reunited with their cat who had been missing for two years... after she was found more than 12 miles away.

Emma Halliday and her children lost their beloved cat Mitzie back in 2019 when the family became homeless in Basildon.

Ms Halliday had to prioritise looking after her children and the family moved into a hostel in the town.

However, Mitzie could not join them and a friend agreed to look after her.

Sadly, the cat escaped and went back to her old empty home, then disappeared.

Last week, by chance, Ms Halliday, 35, saw an advert from the charity Pippa’s Army Animal Rescue to rehome a cat, and realised it was Mitzie.

The five-year-old cat had managed to fend for herself and travel more than 12 miles from Basildon to Grays.

Reunited - Lexie Halliday with Mitzie the cat after two years

Reunited - Lexie Halliday with Mitzie the cat after two years

Ms Halliday said: “My heart was devastated when she went, she was my cat, wherever I was she was, she was a part of the family and half of me was missing.

“I was scrolling through Facebook and Pippa’s Army pictured her for rehoming, and it was my cat. She was found as a stray.

“I went to Grays and straight away she remembered me and my daughter, and it was the most wonderful thing in the world.

“I was so grateful to Pippa’s Army and everything they do for animals.”

The charity asked Ms Halliday, who moved into a home with her four children in 2019 in Wickford, various questions about Mitzie to confirm that she was her owner.

The charity had provisionally named her “Cheryl” and said that she had a “rough start” due to being found as a stray.

Now, the post has been removed and Mitzie has returned home and has bonded with the family, and they are happier than ever.

Ms Halliday added: “If I hadn’t have seen that post she could have been moved on to new owners. My four children have bonded with her so well.

Home - Mitzie had lived on her own for two years

Home - Mitzie had lived on her own for two years

“Pippa’s Army are a great charity and I hope this raises awareness of them.”

Pippa’s Army Animal Rescue helps lost animals in the Thurrock and Having areas.

Visit facebook.com/Pippas-Army-Animal-Rescue.