Works to repair Canvey's sea wall are set to start ahead of a £35million programme to upgrade the island's sea defences.

Monday (May 10) will mark the start of repairs to a damaged section of concrete on the vertical face of the seawall, opposite the end of Southfalls Road.

These works - expected to last six days - are hoped to extend the life of the section of the wall and provide further protection to Canvey from tidal flooding.

They will take place from 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

While the multi-million pound Environment Agency project - set to take two years - will run from Canvey Point to Thorney Bay, and will see new seafront steps put in place, old rocks covered up and resurfaced, along with access improvements made to the sea wall.

Construction for this is set to begin anytime between 2022 to 2023, with the scheme still in it's design phase.

Dave Blackwell, Canvey Independent Party councillor for Canvey Central, hopes the major upgrade will give the seafront a well-needed boost and bring it on par with the likes of Southend.

He continued: “This is set to completely transform how the sea wall looks, it should be up-market once it’s all done and will be something to be proud of.

“I hope this will lift Canvey big time, encouraging tourists and visitors, as well as more trader investment. Not many have tried where they thought nothing was being done to help, now it’s clear this isn’t the case. It should be the business once it’s complete.”

Next week, the Environment Agency will break out the damaged concrete and cast new concrete to replace it.

The level of protection given by the seawall will not be reduced during the works.

Jeffrey Stanley, Tory leader of Castle Point Council, has assured the council will be working with the Environment Agency to keep disruption to a minimum while the upgrade is under way.

He added: “It’s fantastic news that so much is being spent on making the seawall safer, particularly the seaward side, and protect it from flooding for the next 50 years which is of upmost importance.

“They intend to make access to the sea wall better, improvements will include making it easier to get up to the seawall and will see the seaward path improved.

“It’s expensive, but this is a major upgrade which everyone has been so enthusiastic about.

“They will be fully consulting with us every step of the way.”