HUNDREDS of crimes were committed in the centre of Southend within a month, police figures show.

Statistics from have revealed which areas of Southend central experienced the most crime within a month in March.

The crimes range from violence, sexual offences, thefts, anti-social behaviour, burglaries and criminal damage.

In total throughout the Southend central ward, there were 956 crimes committed in March this year.

The most common crime was violence and sexual offences with 331 incidents, and anti-social behaviour was the second most common, with 300 cases.

Public order offences, drug crimes and criminal damage all ranked highly as well, with 69, 45 and 46 incidents respectively.

Here is a list of the top five areas in central Southend with the worst amount of crime for March 2021.

5. Queensway Pedestrian Subway


There were 14 crimes recorded in the pedestrian subway on Queensway.

The most common were drug crimes and violent and sexual offences, with five cases each.

There were three cases of anti-social behaviour, and one incident of criminal damage or arson.

4. Chichester Road


Chichester Road clocked up 16 crimes in March, with the most common being anti-social behaviour with six cases.

There were two violent or sexual offences. five thefts, a burglary, a drugs crime and an unclassified vehicle crime.

Six of these crimes happened in the northern end of the road, while ten happened in the south end.

3. Old Southend Road


There were 18 crimes recorded in Old Southend Road - 13 of which were either violent or sexual offences.

There was also four incidents of anti-social behaviour and one house burglary.

Of the violent offences, nine cases remain under investigation, while the four other cases saw police unable to prosecute a suspect.

2. London Road


A huge 25 crimes were recorded in London Road within the centre of Southend.

Ten of these crimes were incidents of anti-social behaviour, with 11 violent or sexual crimes.

There was also two public order offences and a singl shoplifting offence. In the case of the shoplifting, the police investigation is complete with no suspect being identified.

Some of the violent crimes remain uncer investigation, while others have not been able to see a suspect prosecuted.

1. Southend Police Station and surrounding area


Southend Police Station and its surrounding area saw the most amount of crimes recorded in the centre of town, with 30 incidents.

14 of these crimes were of violence or sexual crimes, with six drug cases and three cases of criminal damage or arson.

The other crimes included a robbery, theft, two public order offences and two cases of anti-social behaviour.

Of the violent crimes and drug issues, six cases are awaiting court results, while others are continuing to be investigated, or a suspect was not prosecuted.