A WOMAN accused of violently attacking a man in the middle of the street has insisted she was at the work at the time and cannot be responsible.

The trial of Carla Dowling, 45, of Sutton Road, Southend and Lorraine Perry, formerly known as Moore, 30, of Appleford Court, Basildon continued with Dowling taking to the witness stand.

The two women have denied attacking the victim – Perry’s former partner – at a set of traffic lights in Southend and damaging his car in the same incident.

Dowling claims she was at work at the time of the alleged offence but the prosecution insist she was behind the attack.

She told the jury that she works as a carer and visits various residents in their homes.

The court heard that Dowling and another colleague would log in when visiting the homes to confirm they had attended.

Prosecuting, Philip Levy said: “Is there a record of you logging in?”

Dowling said: “Yeah, there should be.”

Mr Levy replied: “I suggest that you were not working and either taking time off or you finished early, and you were involved in the assault that afternoon.”

Dowling denied this.

Anthony Abell, representing Dowling, asked her: “If you left early, what would the consequence of that be?”

Dowling said: “She [her colleague] wouldn’t be able to carry on.

“It’s just not viable.”

The court was previously told that Perry had broken up with the male victim and held a number of grievances towards him.

Perry allegedly got out in front of her car to prevent the victim driving, before Dowling allegedly smashed his wing mirror, kicked the door and then punched the man in the head.

The victim was then allegedly kicked between 15 and 20 times while on the floor.

Dowling told the jury that she had her Audi stolen shortly before the date of the alleged incident on March 20, 2019.

When questioned by barristers, Dowling was unable to recall what kind of car she would have been driving at the time of the alleged offence.

Recorder Noel Casey asked if she remembered hiring a car.

She responded: “I remember hiring a car but I’m not sure if it falls in with that time.”

Lorraine Perry claims she cannot remember where she was at the time, but was not involved in the assault.

The trial continues.