A FURIOUS parent has slammed a Southend school for “breaking the law” after “breaching data protection” of its students.

The mum has blown the whistle after receiving TWO emails about students at Southchurch High School, which had been sent by teachers.

One email included details about the safeguarding of a student.

She has slammed the school for allowing the breach to happen twice, and fears details about her child could be released.

She said: “The first time the first email was sent was back in October last year. It was basically telling off another teacher for not dealing with a safeguarding issue immediately.

“The email said the name of the student.

“The second breach was a teacher who listed all the names of 49 students who are off timetable.

“Some reasons to be off timetable could be for exams but also for medical and social reasons.

“I replied to both emails saying I needed to be removed from these because it was a breach and the second time I had a reply saying thankfully it was only names.

“I’m feeling angry because that first time was a massive breach and I would have thought they would make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s only names.

“It’s not OK and it’s breaking the law.

“If it was one of my children, I would be upset. It does worry me about information on my children being leaked.”

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Mr Reynolds, headteacher at Southchurch High School, said: “The ICO are who we report data breaches too.

“They have said there is no threat to rights or freedoms.

“We take data protection seriously and we follow trust protocols in dealing with data breaches.

“The ICO have reviewed the breach and that’s where they have said there are no threats to rights or freedoms.

“Whenever we have anything like this we review our protocols in the school and it doesn’t happen often.

“I’m unable to comment any further on a data breach.”