AN addict was caught with a Kinder Egg full of heroin after selling drugs to friends in a bid to fund his habit.

David Townsley has had a drug addiction for decades and officers caught him red-handed during a drug deal in Benfleet on May 14, 2019.

The 55-year-old was spotted carrying out the drug deal before being stopped and searched, with officers finding three wraps of heroin inside a Kinder Egg container.

Townsley was later charged with and admitted possession of heroin, and was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court.

The court heard that Townsley had been addicted to drugs for a large part of his life and was dealing to friends and associates.

Ronnie Begenthal, mitigating, said: “This case is now almost two years old. He’s been on bail and has been complying with his bail but still, this has been hanging over him.

“He was buying heroin on that occasion to then supply those that were close to him, and no one beyond that, there was no financial gain for himself.”


Roughly 1.78 grams of heroin, worth between £100 and £120 was seized.

He added: “He has repeatedly said to me ‘I want to get over it, I want to get over this heroin’. He’s there for his daughter.

“They have now secured a two bedroom flat in Thundersley. They have been living in a caravan for four years.”

Police witnessed the drug deal taking place in High Road, Benfleet as drugs and money were exchanged through the window of his car.

Officers then followed Townsley to Kimberley Road, Benfleet where he was stopped.

A mobile phone which had messages linked to the sale of heroin to other people was also found.

Judge Samantha Cohen told Townsley: “You don’t need me to tell you that Class A drugs ruin lives, because they ruined yours.

“They have had an impact on your physical health, an impact on your children and daughter’s early life. That’s why the courts take Class A drugs and their supply so seriously.”

Townsley, of Seven Road, South Ockendon, was given 18 months in jail suspended for 20 months with a drug rehabilitation order and a £120 fine.