BRAVE nurses who battled on the frontline during the pandemic have shared their love for the job to mark International Nurses’ Day.

Throughout the pandemic, nursing staff shattered the stereotypes of nurses being merely a support for doctors.

The world got to see first-hand the vital cog they play in the NHS machine as they worked tirelessly to save lives every day.

Nurses from Mid and South Essex Foundation Trust have spoken about their jobs and the shift in attitudes since the start of the pandemic.

Angelin Chatti, has been working at Basildon hospital since 2007.

Until 2018 she was a cardiothoracic intensive care nurse, but decided she wanted a change and now works as a medicine management nurse.

She said: “No two days are the same and it is nice getting to know so many different people from different wards and departments.

“Nursing brings me a lot of satisfaction and I think to be a good nurse you have to have a passion for caring for those who are unwell.

“It’s a great profession and we are there to help, without question. I read once that if you save one person you are a hero, but if you save 100 you are a nurse.”

International Nurses’ Day takes place every year on May 12, marking the birth of Florence Nightingale.

Courtney Granger has been a nurse in orthopaedics at Southend hospital for the last six years.

Echo: Brave - Courtney GrangerBrave - Courtney Granger

The nurse started off at the hospital on placement as a student.

She said: “Everyone just supports one another so much; we are like one big family.

“I chose to be a nurse as I wanted to help people; I couldn’t have worked in an office.

“You can also learn so much about your patients as well and it helps you appreciate life a little bit more.

“It’s definitely been a weird year, but that has helped us to appreciate all that we have, both with work colleagues and your family.

“I think it has made people more aware of what we do every day and how we help people. Nursing is very much about supporting one another.”