With staycations rising in popularity, road trips are on the cards for many this summer while we await for international travel to return.

Searches for UK road trips have gone up by 81 per cent since April 2020 – which led to car finance provider Zuto listing the top things to remember before you set off.

Pre journey safety checks

It’s important to remember to check your car to make sure it’s ready for a long drive.

Driving a car that is in a dangerous condition could land you in trouble, with fines up to £2,500 and points on your license.

It’s advised to check your tyres, oil levels and water levels.

Driving habits

Harsh breaking and accelerating uses up more fuel leading to a higher fuel bill.

Late braking can also wear out your break pads.

You should also only have your foot on the clutch when changing gear as poor clutch control can also lead to more wear.

Road rules

It’s now illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving for any reason, meaning you should only engage with them handsfree. You could get six points on your license and a £200 fine.

Regular stops

It’s recommended on the Highway Code that drivers have a 15-minute break every two hours to avoid getting too tired behind the wheel.


It’s important to not overload your car as this could lead to three points on your license.

It can also be dangerous as excessive weight slows down the vehicle stopping and puts pressure on the tyres.