A “POISONED ham” was thrown into a garden leaving a dog owner petrified that “someone is trying to kill” her beloved pooch.

The shredded ham was chucked into the family garden covered in tissue and a mysterious white powder, leading them to believe it was covered in rat poison.

The family admit that Paddy, an 18 month old sprocker spaniel cross poodle, often barks loudly in the garden and fear he has been targeted.

Paddy initially picked up the meat before his owners wrestled it out his mouth.


Taylah Jones, 21, from Thundersley, said: “My mum was in the garden and someone chucked over a shredded ham with white powder over it.

“Our dog grabbed it and my mum wrestled it out of his mouth.

“My mum was really upset about it. The ham flew over her head.

“We had to contact our local vets and they said that we’re lucky that nothing was ingested.

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“They said it wasn’t the first time they had heard of something like this.”

Despite a vet admitting this is not the first incident, Essex Police have since said they have no reason to believe the meat was poisoned or that it was a targeted incident.

The family have now been left terrified of another attack, insisting they won’t leave their pooch Paddy alone in their garden again.

Taylah added: “My mum is very worried now.

“We can’t leave him unattended in the garden.

“We’re literally out there with him 24/7 making sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I thank God my mum was there because it could have been a very different story. If my mum wasn’t there he could have died.”

Paddy is currently going to training classes to help with his loud barking.

Taylah is now urging other dog owners to be more vigilant and alert after their horrifying experience.