A FATHER caught with a stash of indecent images also engaged in “repellent conversations about the sexual abuse of children”.

Robin Gibbs has been spared jail after police found a stash of indecent images and vile chat logs on his electronic devices.

The 52-year-old of Richmond Avenue, Rayleigh, had his home raided by police in April 2018 and various electronic devices were seized following reports indecent material had been accessed.

Basildon Crown Court heard the devices had two category B indecent images and four images in category C, the lesser two categories.

Online chat logs revealed vile fantasies about abusing “deceased children”.

Prosecuting, Marc Brown said: “The more worrying aspect is the chat logs, which were fantasy chats.

“There’s no suggestion that he is a contact offender. It was a chat that concerns the desire to abuse children and young children, including deceased children. They [the chat logs] are the background.”

Mr Brown said the investigation and Gibbs’ charge and appearance at court may have been delayed by the police investigating the circumstances of the chats.

Gibbs went on to admit possession of indecent images, but was not charged over the contents of the chats.

Mitigating, Mike Warren said that Gibbs was a father of two who spent too much time online.

He said: “He’s been married for 27 years and worked for Anglian Water for 27 years as a project technician.

“His employer is aware of the proceedings and it was a difficult conversation there, and a difficult conversation with his wife.

“It’s an investigation that’s been going on for two years now, he’s suffered from stress. We are not asking for any sympathy, but we are just putting things into perspective.”

Judge Samantha Cohen told Gibbs: “You engaged in repellent conversations of a sexual nature with someone that was purporting to be a woman, about sexual abuse of children.”

Gibbs received an 18 month community order with 120 hours unpaid work and 60 days rehabilitation.