A HUGE development of thousands of homes will bring a new bypass to Southend and Rochford, furious campaigners believe.

The new neighbourhood of 7,254 homes has been mooted for greenbelt land between the two towns, with fears the long talked about bypass would have to be included.

The route, which could take drivers from Shoebury, through Rochford and past Maldon, has been spoken of in Southend for years.

This comes as the Green Party launched a campaign and petition against the development, which would sit between Sutton Road and Star Lane, just north of the A1159 and A13.

The petition opposes both the bypass and the new neighbourhood.

James Vessey-Miller, former manager of the Railway pub, and Green Party member, said: “It would be almost impossible not to have the bypass with these homes.

“The development would need infrastructure that we’ve never seen before. We take that as including the bypass.

“If both are built, you can wave goodbye to all the greenbelt land we have left. Sixty-five per cent of Southend is already built on and increasing. The development would be all of Thorpe Bay added on to the town.

“We’re not opposed to homes being built. To a certain extent, the council’s hands are tied because of the Government’s housing targets. If they don’t meet them, the Government will just do it anyway.”

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The 7,254 homes would include proposals for 1,461 new homes at Fossetts Farm, which would go alongside a new Southend United football stadium,

No planning applications have been lodged.

Tony Cox, leader of the Southend Tory group, who opposes the blueprint for the homes, is still backing the bypass.

He said: “I completely disagree that they come hand in hand. They’re not mutually exclusive.

“A bypass is needed now.”

It’s feared the bypass would cut through the greenbelt.

The petition reads: “Widespread public concern has been raised about the proposed development which would see some of the last greenbelt lands in the borough concreted over.

“It is clear to us that this land is being teed up for vast swathes of new housing estates, and such a development would also likely be brought alongside the bypass.”

Southend Council say further consultation will be carried out, while bosses previously reiterated that almost 1,200 homes need to be built each year for the next 20 years.