A father died after suffering multiple injures following a fall from his e-bike - an inquest has heard.

Dad-of-two Spencer Davenport, 50, of Canvey died after the incident in Gafzelle Drive on the island on April 26.

An inquest into his death was opened this morning at Essex Coroners Court in Chelmsford.

Opening the inquest coroners officer Paul Baker said: "This 50 year old man had a history of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and was riding his electric bicycle and it's believed he swerved to avoid hitting a cat.


"A post mortem was carried out and a provision cause of death was given of multiple injuries."

Area coroner Michelle Brown said the next hearing will be adjourned until August.

She said: "I am opening the inquest into the death of Spencer Davenport who died outside an address on Canvey.

"We've had a few documents including a post mortem, toxicology report and we are waiting for pictures, police statements and a family life letter.

"This matter will be adjourned to August 28."

Following Mr Davenport's death his grieving mother Pauline paid touching tributes to her son.

Echo: Memories - a younger Spencer with daughter Ashleigh WattsMemories - a younger Spencer with daughter Ashleigh Watts

She previously said: "“He was a very popular person and was always playing his reggae music. He was known as the music man.

“He lived for his music and was very polite and well liked.

“He used to grown and trim bonsai trees and would sit for hours trimming them into different shapes."

She also said her son had a fond passion for making chopper bikes and they were very top notch.