A VULNERABLE patient was ordered to leave a hospital due to not wearing a face mask... despite donning a large face shield instead.

Michael Wild, from Rochford, visited The Chartwell Hospital, a private hospital in Leigh, on Tuesday but was refused entry to his appointment.

The 55-year-old suffers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as a possible heart condition and breathing issues and therefore wears a face shield rather than a mask.

Initially, a receptionist asked him to put a mask on when he entered the building, before a “senior member of staff” demanded he left if he did not wear one.

He said: “When I explained I couldn’t wear a mask, the receptionist said I’d have to move away from everyone else in the waiting room which I did, no problem.

“I’ve never had any issues with wearing a face shield before, it was accepted in my doctors surgery when I had both Covid-19 jabs.”

Despite showing the member of staff a referral letter for lung surgery, proving he suffers breathing difficulties, Mr Wild was told to put on a mask or leave.

Mr Wild added: “My partner told them I couldn’t wear one or I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

“Another patient in the waiting room told them it should be a face covering worn rather than a mask specifically, but I was refused treatment.”

The hospital has claimed Mr Wild “refused to wear the visor while on the premises” although the patient disputes this.

Mr Wild had been given the face shield at Spire Wellesley hospital, in Southend, so he could attend a previous appointment.

Kelvyn Price, chief operating officer at the private hospital, has apologised if the team were being “unduly careful”, adding staff had raised concerns about a patient refusing to wear a mask.

He said: “We are a green hospital site, which means that as far as possible we protect our patients and staff by social distancing and wearing face masks with our clinical staff wearing PPE.

“This involves us ensuring patients wear a face mask unless they can show a relevant exemption certificate. I did ask the patient for his exemption certificate, which he did not have.

“My reception staff offered the patient one of our masks to wear for a very short period prior to his procedure, which he refused.

“I am more than happy to reschedule the patient if required, so long as he is able to follow our hospital policy.”