Denise Van Outen has slammed stars who break Covid-19 restrictions, branding rule-breaching celebrities as "irresponsible".

Speaking to The Mirror, the 46-year-old performer revealed how she had not seen either of her parents until after they had both received their Covid jabs.

Although the Basildon star didn't mention any names in particular, she expressed her views that if celebrities act in a certain way because they think they are above the law then their behaviour is not acceptable. 

She told the paper: "That's why you get paid well and get to have a nice time – because you also have a responsibility to be a role model to others.

"I just kept thinking we've all made a lot of sacrifices you know, so I find it quite irresponsible.

"If you're in media, it comes with a certain responsibility – you can't have it all nice.

"We don’t always get it right, I’ve made mistakes myself in the past – but if things are done intentionally because you think you’re above the law, that’s not acceptable.”

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It comes after singer songwriter Rita Ora apologised for breaking lockdown rules when she held a “small gathering” at a west London restaurant to celebrate her 30th birthday.

This was at a time when gatherings of more than six people were not allowed.

While Love Islander Zara Holland was fined £4,415 by a court in Barbados after breaching Covid-19 quarantine rules over Christmas.

Sky News host Kay Burley also apologised back in December for an "error of judgment" after she "inadvertently broke the rules" around Covid safety.