A LOVING partner was violently slashed in the street during a suspected racially aggravated attack.

Paul Cumberbatch, 55, from London who is from Jamaican descent was attacked with a knife by someone known to him and his partner in Elm Road, Shoebury.

He and his partner Clare Mclellan, 44, claim it was racially motivated.

His partner said Paul had gone to visit her for a weekend and she claims a man known to them targeted him.

She said: “He had come to see me and as he pulled up, he was staring at Paul. Then he swore at Paul, referring to the colour of his skin.

“I’ve lived here for nine years and there’s been lots of intimidation and harassment and this just tops it all off.


“After he swore at Paul I told him to ignore it and called the police and then later that evening Paul went to get his laptop from his car and he (the attacker) was walking his dog.

“There was a bit of a kerfuffle and Paul asked him what his problem was and he said ‘your kind is my problem’.

“He had a knife and put it in Paul’s side, he cut through Paul’s jumper, shirt, vest and jeans and left abrasions on his skin.”

Ms Mclellan said the incident was horrific and her partner hit the man out of the way as he was coming at him.

She said it all happened very quick.

Echo: Couple - Paul Cumberbatch and Clare Mclellan Couple - Paul Cumberbatch and Clare Mclellan

She now fears she cannot have visitors of ethnic origin due to the attacker’s reaction following the incident on the evening of May 14.

The mother of three added: “It’s disgusting and I am upset that it happened.

“It just cannot go on and is not acceptable.

“Paul was shaken up afterwards and I hope it doesn’t put him off coming to stay here.

“He likes coming to Shoebury and he is such a loving, caring person, this should never happen.”

She said she’s grateful it was not worse as he could have been killed.

She says she hopes it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We received a report of an incident in Elm Road, Shoebury, at about 8pm on Friday 14 May.

“We attended and two men who had been involved in the incident were leaving the area.

“We have since arrested a 73-year-old man on suspicion of wounding. He has been released on bail until June 11.”