TOWIE star James ‘Diags’ Bennewith is now the proud owner of a new - and slightly bizarre - world record.

James has previously seen a number of attempts to set world records fail, but has now put himself into the history books by naming the most capital cities… while riding a rollercoaster.

His successful attempt was confirmed in the series finale on Sunday when a party was held to celebrate James’ 30th birthday.

Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Jack Brockbank, was on hand to reveal James had named 38 different cities while riding Colossus at Thorpe Park.

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The previous record, set by German national, Artjom Pusch at Europa Park was 27.

James had set the new record with the help of castmate Dan, who had asked him to name the cities through an earpiece.

Speaking to the Guiness World Record website, James said: "I am so excited to now hold a Guinness World Records title for naming most capital cities whilst on a rollercoaster in one minute.

"As everyone has seen on Towie, I’ve made quite a few attempts and it feels great to have finally achieved it, especially just before I turned 30.

“Growing up I had a copy of the GWR book every year, and just can't believe that I now could be in it!"

James also shared a short clip of the moment he found out he had set the new world record on Twitter, posting emojis of trophies and the world.