E-scooters are becoming a common sight in parts of Essex following the launch of a new trial.

Technology company Spin has teamed up with County Hall to run the scheme in towns such as Basildon in an effort to get people out of cars and using environmentally friendly modes of transport.

The use of personal e-scooters currently remains illegal in public, but those hiring a Spin scooter are able to use them on certain roads and cycle lanes.

We asked Echo readers if they thought all e-scooters should be legalised, and there was a mixed response, with critics arguing they are both “dangerous” and a “menace”.

Echo: Where Spin e-scooters are allowed to travel in BasildonWhere Spin e-scooters are allowed to travel in Basildon

Discussing the matter on Facebook, Reggie Searle said: “Kids flying around on these things doing 30mph, no road sense and more then one of them I’ve seen three kids flying up Broadmayne the wrong way with no lights - absolutely crazy.

“I’ve seen adults on sit down ones flying up pavements next to a school, weaving in and out of the kids doing 30mph.

“It’s only a matter of time until some one is killed.

Julie Mason wrote: “They should be made to have insurance. Most of them ride all over the road with no lights or very visible to other road users.”

Christine Boynett added: “They are so dangerous.

In Hamlet Court Rd shopping centre, I've nearly been knocked over a couple of times, and walking my tiny dogs one went by so fast nearly hit them.

“I'm not happy with these scooters on the pavements.”

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But other readers were more open to the idea of legalising the use of all e-scooters and acknowledged the environmental benefits.

Lee Boatwright said: “A cheap, effective method of short distance transport that doesn't drive carbon emissions up? “Probably a good idea really.

“It's not like outlawing them will stop people using them anyway.”

Dan Love said: “They’re a cheap and economical mode of transport and mobility aid - I would gladly get insurance if it was available.

“Making them legal if hired but illegal to use your own it ludicrous, nobody takes as much care of a hire vehicle than they do if their own property.

“Those of us that own them can’t use them.”

Robert Webster added: “They are legal across large parts of Europe, incredibly eco-friendly, cheap to buy and run, can do huge distances and IF managed properly (investment in infrastructure like cycle lanes, dedicated areas, enforcement of helmet wearing, insurance, speed limited etc) can be very safe.

Anyone using a Spin e-scooter must be 18 or over, and have either a full or provisional driving licence to ensure they are insured by the scheme.