Hundreds of new jobs and opportunities are set to be created when a new business park is built in south Essex.

Here’s all we know about the huge proposals:

• It’s costing £32million

• Equation Properties is behind the Arterial Park.

• It’s taking shape just yards away from the Fairglen Junction of the A127 major south Essex road on the border of Wickford and Rayleigh.

• The first phase of the huge park is set to be completed by the end of this year

• The second phase expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

• Firms showing interest include trade counter operators, third party logistics, manufacturers and automotive.

Council bosses and senior councillors have welcomed the addition to the south Essex economny.

Echo: Designs - artists impressions showing how the park could lookDesigns - artists impressions showing how the park could look

Andrew Baggott, who is set to become new Tory leader of Basildon Council, welcomed the development and news.

He said: “It’s fantastic news and yet another opportunity to bump start the economy after the Covid pandemic.

“It is an exciting opportunity for us and is self evidence that developers and businesses think south Essex is the place to be for business.

“Anything that creates new jobs and business in the borough adds to the economy. When people come to the area for this they will visit shops and spend money here, so there’s an overspill of this too.

“I think it’s something we should be applauding and be looking to build on.”



The new site is about 13 miles from the new £150million business park being built close to Southend Airport, which is set to create thousands of new jobs and will include cafes, restaurants, meeting and leisure facilities and even a hotel.

Carole Mulroney, Southend Lib Dem councillor for environment, culture, tourism and planning insisted it is in a ideal location with good road links to aid businesses.

She said: “Anything that shows the confidence this can take place has to be a good thing. It will also create much more choice in terms of jobs for people in the area.

“It also has good road connections and is very close to Southend and Basildon too, so it will attract people jobwise from a wider area.

“We are very keen to get as many jobs going as possible especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

“With what we’ve got going on with all the different developments in Southend, and I know there’s some planned for Basildon too, it shows a really good level of confidence in south Essex despite the effect of the pandemic.”