DRUG dealers imported hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of heroin and cocaine to Basildon from Pakistan.

Barry Smith, Malik Ali and Devon Thompson all played major roles in selling the Class A drugs across Essex.

Smith, 37, of Town Square, Basildon, and Ali, 37, of Wickford Avenue, Basildon, were both convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and fraudulent evasion of border controls.

Smith was also convicted of fraudulent evasion.

Around 1.44kg of heroin was found in boxes that had been stopped on March 13, 2019 after being flown to Heathrow from Pakistan, worth between £25,000 and £39,000.

Smith called a freight company to ensure the packages were processed and delivered to Basildon.

The next day, the firm received a call from a man trying to seek customs clearance for the package to be delivered to Basildon, which was Smith.

Prosecuting at Basildon Crown Court, Harry Hewitt said: “Ali had a number of Pakistan contacts in his telephone.

“He was also involved in sending money to Pakistan. Searches of payment being sent to Pakistan were found on that phone.

“WhatsApp messages showed his aim of setting up running drug lines.”

Ali and Thompson, 47, of Lower Dunton Road, Dunton, were pulled over by police on November 18, 2019 in Dunton.

Thompson was driving and Ali was a passenger, alongside packages containing 2.55 kilograms of cocaine worth £70,000.

Searches of Thompson’s address and business found more packages of heroin worth between £90,000 and £140,000.


Thompson admitted conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Jile Lenlehin, mitigation for Ali said he was a family man that would be away from them for some time but urged the court to think of the “innocent parties” that would be affected by it.

Mitigating for Smith, Claire Dowsty said his role was limited to one week and had a lesser role.

Judge Andrew Hurst branded Ali as “lazy”, stating there was “overwhelming evidence”.

He said that Smith had been “naive” and was “exploited”.

Ali was jailed for 16 years, while Smith received five years, and Thompson got seven years and eight months.

Detective Inspector Steve Robson, from the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: “Drugs destroy lives and violence often goes hand-in-hand with their sale.

“Ali, Thompson and Smith were involved in a sophisticated drug dealing scheme which saw cocaine and heroin get onto the streets of south Essex.

“Our investigation has ensured they can no longer poison our communities.

“We are committed to putting drug dealers behind bars and want anyone who is thinking about selling drugs here – we’ll be watching you and we’ll bring you to justice.”