A WOMAN who attended a huge anti-lockdown protest is one of many south Essex residents who have been slapped with fines for flouting Covid rules.

From parties and gatherings to driving while drunk – dozens of south Essex residents who flouted rules to stop Covid spreading have faced justice.

A huge number of defendants were given fines of more than £600 at magistrates court in the past month.

One of those was Gemma Burt, 41, of Temptin Avenue, Canvey, who was fined £660 at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court for attending a large protest including more than 100 people in Basildon.

Burt had gone to the anti-lockdown protest on November 21, when the country was in a temporary full lockdown where no more than two people could meet outdoors.

Burt refused to disperse and leave the area when asked by police and was reported as a result.

Susanne Downing, 48, of Hawtree Close, Southend, decided to flout the restrictions by attacking a man in Southend on February 5 this year, and also harassed another woman with threatening language.

When arrested, she was also charged with being in Sutton Road, Southend without reasonable excuse.

Rule breakers - One woman was fined a full £10,000 for holding a party of 30 people in Grays

Rule breakers - One woman was fined a full £10,000 for holding a party of 30 people in Grays

Downing was given a community order for the assault and fined £50 for the Covid rule breach.

Another rule breaker was Stephen Brooks, 38, was caught in Shoebury on February 17 with a crowbar, pair of bolt cutters and an empty suitcase.

Brooks, of Mildmay Road, Romford, admitted going equipped for theft and being away from home with no reasonable excuse when he was found in Eastern Esplanade in Shoebury.

He is due to be sentenced on June 16 at Basildon Magistrates’ Court.

Hannah Morgan, 28, of Wesley Road, Southend, was caught drink driving in York Road on January 29 whilst over the limit and without a licence.


Morgan had also made the journey without reason, and, along with the fines for the drink driving, was fined £120 for the breach.

Billy Linwood, 25, of Feering Green, Basildon, was fined £660 for refusing to wear a face mask when he was shopping in the Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon on December 14 last year.

Linwood failed to provide any excuse for not wearing a face mask and did not leave the shopping centre when asked.