AN MP has called for action over anti-social behaviour and knife crime, saying present strategies "aren't working".

Sir David Amess, Tory MP for Southend West, has called on more preventative measures and challenges to people carrying knives and causing issues.

The MP's comments come following another stabbing in Leigh on Thursday night, which saw a teenage boy injured near The Broadway.

Prior to this, Leigh and Chalkwell have seen several dispersal orders put in place by police following anti-social behaviour.

Sir David said: "Following the most recent events of anti-social behaviour in Leigh-on-Sea and Chalkwell, a number of residents have sent me emails expressing in various ways their disquiet regarding what has been happening. I will be responding to all of these inquiries.

"I would like to reassure all residents that I continue to raise in Parliament issues of knife crime and violent and anti-social behaviour - all of which I expect zero tolerance of.

"Residents have offered different solutions including creating more laws, but those ones we have now must be enforced.

"I am asking the local authority and the police what extra help they need to tackle these issues because the present strategy does not seem to be working.

"I fully understand that warm words are not acceptable, and action is what is needed.

"Families should stop loved ones from carrying knives. Criminals should stop pushing drugs. People should drink responsibly. More stop and searches should be used as a preventative measure."

Two boys have been charged in relation to the stabbing on Thursday with causing grievous bodily harm and possession of knives.