A rescue operation was launched to help a group of people who had been cut off by the incoming tide. 

Both the coastguard and RNLI were called into action to help the group, who had become stranded opposite Admirals Place in Westcliff at around 8.30pm yesterday (Monday, June 7). 

The coastguard team arrived to find six people 100 metres out at sea. 

But they were stood down after the group were able to get themselves safely back to shore. 

A coastguard spokesman said the group were "very apologetic" for using up its resources. 

It came on the same day a woman tragically died after getting into difficulty in the water at Chalkwell. 

The coastguard had been returning from the incident when they were called out again to help a swimmer who had reportedly gone under the water in Westcliff. 

After a quick search, the team eventually found a swimmer matching the description was safely ashore and that it was a false alarm. 

Coastguard bosses say yesterday's two false alarms had good intent and are encouraging people to contact them if they have any concerns about someone's safety. 

A spokesman added: "Should you see anyone in trouble on or near the coast, don’t hesitate to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, you could save someone’s life."