RECKLESS adrenaline-seekers filmed themselves “surfing” on lifts across Southend before attempting to hop on the back of the town’s iconic pier trains.

The intruders have been spotted on top of lifts at the Victoria Shopping Centre, Pier Hill and the town’s tower blocks for their latest stunt, shared on Youtube.

Shocking footage, uploaded on Sunday, also showed the “lift surfers” climbing down the lift shaft on Pier Hill and tampering with controls at the Cliff Lift - behaviour which council bosses fear could put both them and the public in danger.

In the video, two men - one who calls himself Beno and another referred to as Jordan - can also be seen shouting while riding the Pier Hill lifts, before heading to the pier without paying entry.

The duo then embarked on a “virtual train surf”, running along behind the train pretending to be surfing it and attempting to climb on the back.

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Martin Terry, councillor in charge of public protection, has slammed the “urban explorers”, urging them to stop before someone is seriously hurt.

He said: “It is really concerning that anyone would put themselves at risk in such way. It’s so very dangerous, not just for them but the people that use the lifts.

“It can also damage property and takes emergency services away from their day jobs. If someone had a cardiac arrest and they needed to get to them by accessing the lifts, would these people then take responsibility?

“What they think is a prank will have a huge cost to them and society.”

Southend Council have assured appropriate action will be taken and are set to liaise with Essex Police on the issue.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “They think they’re untouchable - climbing on cranes in other videos, changing lift speeds, and more.

“There is the attitude ‘look at what we’re doing no-one can stop us’, and if they get stopped they think it’s even better so it gives them more views. To them it’s all a game.”

Cheryl Nevin, cabinet member for adult social care and health integration, said: “We condemn this reckless behaviour, and the sharing of these videos online could encourage dangerous copycat stunts.

“The perpetrators have trespassed on private and council property and as such we will be seeking advice from our colleagues at Essex Police to decide on the appropriate action.

“We will also be reviewing CCTV of the areas to see if we can identify those involved.”