A victim was violently assaulted and a suspect was arrested after a seafront fight, according to a councillor.

A number of police and ambulances were seen on Southend Seafront last night just before 10pm.

Matt Dent Labour councillor for Kursaal says Southend Council was told there was a fight and one person was violently assaulted and one suspect was arrested.

He also urged any worried residents to contact him.


He said: "Sadly there was an incident at around 9pm last night in Pleasant Road at the seafront end. This has received some coverage and discussion on social media.

"I am able to confirm that it was a fight between two groups, which I'm very sad to say resulted in a violent assault. One suspect has been arrested.

"The police are focusing today on the investigation, and joint police and Council plans are being developed for this weekend in terms footfall management which is expected to be high again with the warm weather.

"This is an ongoing police investigation, and I will provide updates as I am able to do so. Any Kursaal ward residents with concerns are, as always, welcome to contact me at cllrdent@southend.gov.uk."

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.