AN ABUSIVE yob threatened to smash a bottle of alcohol in a driver's face, terrifying her and her grandmother.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, had been driving along Canvey seafront when she was confronted by two youngsters who stood before her in the middle of the road - forcing her to stop the car.

Aged around 14, one of the duo approached the vehicle armed with a glass bottle of Budweiser and became verbally abusive, holding it up to her face and threatening to smash her with it.

Despite the trauma unfolding in front of a crowd, passersby were even too scared to intervene.

Shaken, the 27-year-old victim from Canvey, said: "It happened on Tuesday evening and the seafront was still packed where it was about 7pm.

"I'd got to the sharp bend near the Monico pub, when two lads crossed to the other side of the road. They then became back in the middle and just sort of stood there, so I had to stop.

"I didn't even feel scared at first, until the boy held the bottle up to me. He told me he was going to smash it in my face and swore at me.

"I was with nan at the time and we were both so shaken up. I thought he was going to throw the bottle at us when we drove off, but we just quickly left and I couldn't even look back.

"I didn't want nan to go home just in case they saw the car, and so she didn't get back till 1am where she was so anxious."

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Horrified, Dave Blackwell, councillor for Canvey Central, hopes this was just a one-off incident.

He said: "This is absolutely shocking, I've never heard anything like it before.

"The trouble is nobody thinks about the impact this has on the victim. They probably had these ladies shaking in their boots, it could've even frightened them to go out again for a while.

"Or maybe every time they see someone walking near the roadside they may worry the same thing might happen again. It's awful.

"At the end of the day they need to be caught. We cannot condone it.

"At that time someone must have seen something, so if anyone has any information or has any dash cam footage please get in touch."