HUNDREDS of frustrated residents have backed a campaign to re-open Leigh’s police station.

The new Enough is Enough campaign group has launched a petition with the building standing empty for the last six years.

The petition gained more than 500 signatures in a matter of hours.

Although it is unlikely to re-open as a police station, the group wants to see Southend Council’s safety officers offered a permanent base there.

It comes after a long line of incidents in Leigh, including the stabbing of a teenager last week.


Carole Mulroney, Leigh councillor in charge of the environment, planning, and tourism, said: “It’s criminal that it’s been closed for so long, especially with what’s going on.

“We used to have police walking along the Broadway, as well as PCSOs. We don’t have either anymore.

“We have a population of 22,500, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a police station for that amount of people.

“It would really help calm people down more than anything.

“We’ve got parents scared to let their children out and elderly people scared to go outside.”

“Even if the station was open for advice, it would help people out.”

This follows the banning of teenagers from across parts of Southend, including Leigh.

The 15 yobs have been linked to two murder investigations, the murder of Lee Chapman in Southend on March 6 2020 and the murder of Luke Bellfield in Leigh on February 26 A public space protection order is in the consultation phase for Leigh and Chalkwell.

The Enough is Enough petition reads: “The last few years in Leigh, and the last few months in particular, have left the town we love, reeling.

“One of the most significant developments of the past few years was the closure of the police station in Elm Road.

“It doesn’t have to be an all-singing, all-dancing station but it does need to be used, and be open to the public.

“A place people can come to get advice not just from the police but perhaps council officers, citizens advice bureau, and other agencies.”