Police stopped two cars in Essex yesterday which were both driving at more than 100mph.

One of the vehicles involved was a Fiat which had been clocked doing 110mph.

The other vehicle was a Range Rover going at 120mph.

Both drivers of the cars have now been ordered to appear before magistrates and police say they are facing losing their licence and/ or a driving ban.

According to Gov.uk, officers have the option of issuing a verbal warning, an on the spot fine or ordering a driver to appear in court if they stop them for speeding.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three points on your driving licence.

Police have upped patrols across the county this weekend to coincide with the start of the Euros.

Officers stopped a car in the south of Essex yesterday after the driver had allegedly ‘thrown’ cannabis out of a car window.

Patrols have also been taking place on foot in town centres, with officers visiting pubs and bars to ensure punters are behaving and following Covid rules.