TOWIE star Mario Falcone insists he will stop wearing face masks and following social distancing rules - even if the lockdown is extended. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce a delay to the ending of lockdown this evening. 

He will reportedly move the June 21 date back to July 19 due to concerns about the spread of the Indian Covid variant in the UK. 

It has sparked a backlash from some businesses and people, including Towie's Mario who says he will stop following Covid rules on June 21 regardless. 

He tweeted: "21st June is the end for many. I for 1 will be ditching masks, social distancing and living my life.

"This is ridiculous now.

"We have sacrificed enough."

He later defended his comments by saying he had lost three people to suicide during Covid lockdowns and two more to cancer after their treatments were postponed due to the pandemic. 

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Famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is another critic of the extension of the lockdown. 

He has threatened to open his theatres to a full house on June 21 regardless of lockdown rules.

But ministers have already defended the proposed extension to lockdown, with health minister Edward Argar insisting the delay would mean another 10 million second coronavirus vaccine doses could be given across the UK.

He told Sky News that while the number of people in hospital has been “creeping up a bit”, vaccination meant “we are seeing that severing of the link between the disease and hospitalisations and death.”

Mr Argar added: “I think that on that basis, everyone will recognise that there comes a point where we do have to live with this disease and recognise that you cannot go for a zero Covid approach, you have to live with it, and vaccination is the key to that.

“So I think once we have got those second doses in people’s arms, once we have got that level of protection up to around that 81%, then I think people will be more comfortable with it.”