Police say a man who fell out of his boat before getting stuck in coastal mud suffered no lasting injuries.

The 62-year-old man, who was from London, was trapped in the mud near Smallgains Marina on Canvey for nearly three hours before he was rescued by emergency services.

He had got stuck after falling out of his boat at around 9pm on Sunday.

He was eventually spotted by another boat owner at around 11.45pm who then raised the alarm.

Rescue crews, which consisted of police, the coastguard, fire service and paramedics were able to free the man and save him from the incoming tide.

Police say the man was taken to hospital as precautionary measure but in an update on Facebook, they say he suffered no last injury, adding: “We wish him a speedy recovery.”

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The coastguard said an “evacuation stretcher” was used to get that man to an ambulance after he was freed from the mud.

He was said to be breathing and conscious the whole time during the rescue.