A GIRL was left screaming in agony after her foot was run over by a car outside a school.

Larrissa Grieve, 11, a year 6 pupil, had just finished a two day taster session at the King John’s School in Thundersley when her foot was run over while crossing the road.

Her dad, Jason, 51, heard Larrissa scream after the car went over her foot before knocking her to the ground.

The road was cordoned off for a significant period as emergency services attended.

Police confirmed the driver of a black Nissan stopped at the scene to help with enquires.

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Mr Grieve said: “The car basically went over her foot and then she hit the ground.

“She came out of the school gates and she started to cross and then this car come out of nowhere.

“I saw this crowd of people and I just knew it was my daughter. I had this cold shock go through me.

“I just heard her screaming her head off.

“She was in pain and they think she may have broken a couple of small bones.”

Larrissa was taken to Southend hospital by paramedics for x-rays and initial treatment.

Mr Grieve has praised the school for their help and speedy reactions after the incident.

He added: “The school did an amazing job. The headteacher got all the teachers out that he could and they formed a bit of a human shield around her so she wasn’t on show.

“The school were amazing but the Local Authority need to do something about it.

“I just don’t want someone else to go through this or for it to be worse. If that car was going any quicker it could have been a very different story.”

Alan Mechem, director of communications at the Zenith Academy Trust said: “We want to say thank you to the staff and members of the community that helped when the accident happened.

“Our thoughts are with the young lady and we wish her a fast recovery.”

Essex Police confirmed the driver of a black Nissan remained at the scene to assist officers with their enquiries.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “Anyone with information who has not yet spoken to our officers is asked to submit a report through our website, or call us on 101. The incident number to quote is 774 of Wednesday June 23.”