A DEALER flooded Southend with Class A drugs from London fell into a world of crime after his grandmother was murdered, a court heard.

Chris Brembah has been jailed after being caught running the “Kane” drugs line which saw heroin taken to Southend from the capital and sold to users.

The 34-year-old was in charge of the county lines operation in Southend, being supplied the drugs from gang leaders before selling them in south Essex.

He used a phone to pose as “Kane” to advertise and sell drugs.

His defence stated he spiralled into a life of crime after his grandmother’s death.

Prosecuting at Southend Crown Court, Oliver Kirk said: “It was a County Line telephone which was known by name as ‘Kane’.

“It was his line that he was operating no doubt on behalf of others further up the chain.

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“The period was May 2020 to February 2021, it was a significant period of time. The telephone was sending out messages indicating that ‘Kane’ was on and available to deal drugs to a variety of numbers during the period.

“There were movements in and around the East London and Essex area.

“Police executed a warrant and arrested the defendant on January 9.

“Hidden in the freezer was 12.3 grams of diamorphine [heroin]. The drugs had value of £1,700.”

The court heard Brembah, of Rosper Close, Cricklewood, London, has 13 convictions including ones for robbery.

Anthony Abell, mitigating, said: “When he was a very young man, his grandmother was the victim of a murder.

“That he believes is what affected him and shortly after that as a juvenile he committed crimes.

“Life dealt him a very poor hand indeed.

“He has suffered from anxiety and depression for some time.

“He would self medicate sometimes with cannabis and sometimes Class A drugs.

“He accrued a debt, and this party dug his claws in and he was assaulted seriously.

“In 2013 he was stabbed over the matter and as a result of that he moved areas.”

Recorder Noel Casey said Brembah had some expectation of how much he would gain from the drugs, and jailed him for three and a half years for being concerned in supplying Class A drugs.