AN ANGRY driver has faced THREE near head-on crashes in just two weeks after cars drove the wrong way down a one-way street.

Lisa Marks, 52, from Leigh, was left shaken after the cars drove straight towards her down the one-way system along Elm Road and Rectory Grove.

She’s now calling for urgent action to be taken to ensure motorists are aware of the one-way system to avoid any accidents.

Lisa said: “The first time there was a car that came whizzing round Rectory Grove the wrong way. I thought it might have been a bit of a one off because there’s a one-way system and it’s been like that forever.

“But then ten days after that happened there there was a van that was driving head-on towards me. I had my mum in the car. I wasn’t happy that a van was hurling towards me.

“The other time was a Mini that come round the wrong way. I managed to flag the Mini driver down and tell them they were going the wrong way and he said ‘I know’ angrily and carried on.

“It’s just frightening and unexpected. It’s really worrying that people are just driving the wrong way.

“It was three almost head-on collisions. Any vehicle going at speed is going to do some serious damage.”

Lisa is calling on the council to place better signage and to launch a social media campaign.

She said: “I don’t understand why people are missing the signs and I think that’s something that maybe needs to be looked at and better signage might help.”

Ron Woodley, cabinet member for transport said: “This stretch of road has a one-way system in place, which is clearly signposted at the start of the road. It is important that drivers pay clear attention to road signs and follow the highway code so as to avoid any collisions.

“I have passed this information on to our highways team so they can review the signage in place, but I would stress that it is very important for anyone with concerns regarding road safety to report any concerns with signage to the council via MySouthend.”

Collisions can be reported to Essex Police on 101.