A FILMMAKER passionate about helping animals of the world has put together his own crew to make a documentary.

Ryan Parker, 30, born and raised in Basildon, is creating a pilot episode of “Dangerous Pets in Britain”, which he set up through his non-profit organisation, Save the Animals, Save the World.

Mr Parker, who went to the De la Salle School, studied animal conservation at Writtle College and is now delving into the world of documentary filmmaking.

The documentary will be about how people can make small changes to their lives in bids to help animals and habitats.

Mr Parker hopes to highlight the consequences of taking animals out of their natural habit.

He said: “I am your average, ordinary guy, and although my passion is wildlife, I want to teach your ‘everyday’ guy and gal that you don’t have to be rich to make a difference.

“You don’t have to be able to tell an alligator from a crocodile, you can be sitting in your front room and still make a huge difference.


“It’s not about telling people that they’re bad people, it’s about education and open minds.

“Parrots will eat a lot of seeds. When they defecate when flying around the forest, it includes the seeds and it lets the rainforest grow.

“It’s the small connections and what everyone can do and trying to show people you don’t need to be Steve Irwin or David Attenborough, or be rich to make a different.”

Mr Parker has assembled a crew of around 15 people to make his pilot, which is filming at its second location at the Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn, Hertfordshire on July 25.

The trust protects all species of wild and big cats.

Mr Parker said the crew, which features some members from as far away as Africa, are all passionate to make it work.

He added: “Everyone within the crew are doing a great job and all are excited. It’s not about making a good TV series or film, it’s about spreading awareness and reaching as many people as possible.”