Former Towie favourite James Argent has shown off his dramatic weight loss in new photos showing him looking healthier and happy.

‘Arg’ underwent gastric sleeve surgery earlier this year to shed weight after hitting 27 stone during lockdowns.

James has been open about his battle with depression and addiction but has said the surgery has made an enormous difference already and has got him dreaming about a possible return to Towie one day.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the 33-year-old posted new photos of himself looking slimmer and happier.

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Alongside the images, he wrote: “I don’t know anyone who likes to chill as much as me.

“Especially after all the swimming I’m doing.”

James has already shed nearly six stone and has ambitions of getting down to 16 stone.

He has taken up swimming since his surgery to stay active and help shed further weight.

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And James is hoping he may even one day be able to swim the channel after admitting he was using heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury as his inspiration.

Fury is another celebrity to publicly speak about his battle with addiction and depression.

Arg said: “He went on to become a world champion.

“If I can use him to inspire me and get me across the English Channel after everything I’ve been through, that would be a dream come true.”