VILLAGERS have been left scratching their heads after tech giant Apple refused to deliver to them - claiming they live in a PO Box.

Boxted residents were bemused when they ordered new hardware only to find they could not complete the order process.

After completing online forms for new iPhones they were told the address was not valid.

When customers insert their postcode on the ordering system it automatically brings up Boxted, causing the system to wrongly think they are trying to get the parcel delivered to a post office box - which Apple does not allow.

But even after attempting to manually amend their address details, some were unable to complete the purchase.

One frustrated customer finally completed her order when she decided to have it delivered to a shop instead.

Celine Driscoll, 43, said: “I spent more than an hour going round in circles on the Apple website.

“It was so annoying and such a massive waste of time.

“Apple is the biggest tech company on the planet yet they score a massive own goal when it comes to something simple.

“It only finally went through when I cancelled the delivery option and agreed to collect it from a camping shop instead.”

Another shopper who had the same problem was left worried that he would be left with multiple finance deals.

“I was pulling my hair out as I could not get the process to complete even though the finance for the phone had been arranged on the same website.

“I ended up going to Tesco and buying a Samsung instead. There must be a lot of people who have had this issue up and down the country in any destinations with ‘Box’ in the address.

“It seems bizarre that they have such an odd quirk on the automatic address generator. I’ve ordered hundreds of items online before and never had this issue.

Apple has been contacted for a comment but had not replied at the time of going to press.