ECHO readers are split over the Government’s plan to remove all Covid restrictions by July 19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears set to go ahead with ‘Freedom Day’ after outlining his proposals on Monday.

The Government is expected to make a final decision and announcement on Monday.

But some experts have warned restrictions should not be removed due to rising infection rates across the UK.

There were more than 28,000 cases recorded yesterday and the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has openly admitted there could be 100,000 infections recorded on a daily basis in the summer.

South Essex has seen a similar trend with rising case numbers.

Basildon and Southend are now recording more than 200 infections a week, while cases have also doubled in Castle Point and Rochford.

When asked whether they thought restrictions should be eased despite rising rates, Echo readers were generally on board with the idea.

Many echoed the Prime Minister’s words from earlier this week when he said Britain ‘must learn to live with Covid’.

Jon Blackmore said: “Yes, and I'm not saying this from a selfish point of view.

“I have a compromised immune system but I still need to move on and not live in the shadow of Covid forever.”

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Kevin Crabb said: “Wear a mask if you want to go out if you want too as long as people have jabs things should be able to go back to normal.

“We could be in lockdown for as long as you like but it will still be there it’s not just covid you need to worry about its peoples mental health.”

Christine Clapham added: “At the start of the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions were put in place to 'save lives and protect the NHS'.

“Well, the vaccine seems to be doing that, so maybe it's time to get back to normal and learn to live with the virus.

“We can all take personal responsibility for how we go forward.”

Other readers accepted the need to relax the rules again, but called for some restrictions, such as wearing face masks, to stay in place.

Linda Howard said: “I think reopen everything but keep the masks, distance and handwashing..

“Seeing all the people in the pubs watching football celebrating we know the figures are due to rise.”

Nick Gardiner said: “From a scientific point of view you only should change one variable at a time so you can see the impact and adjust accordingly.

“This will probably have a disastrous result like eat out to help out, we will then be under lockdown again before Christmas and we will have learnt nothing.

“In my opinion, open up all the businesses etc, maybe relax the distancing rules to allow this but all other measures should remain until you can measure the impact.”

But some readers however were against the idea to remove the remaining restrictions, amid concerns at the rising rates of infection.

Tom Jackson said: “Almost 29,000 new cases in the UK today alone. This number has been going up everyday.

“There’s your answer.”

John James Wilby added: “This pandemic is most definitely not over, it will be Christmas lockdown again for sure.”