The owner of a business which was shut down due to health and safety concerns says he would never put customers at risk.

Skewer House, West Street, Rochford has been forced to close following the visit by a Rochford District Council officer.

But owner Hugo Rodrigues insists there is no risk to his customers’ health and he is in the process of completing the work outlined by the council.

Health inspectors found mouse droppings and flies in the kitchen and issued a notice saying it must close on Friday. 

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Mr Rodrigues, 37, said he doesn’t know when he can re-open his business.

He says he believes the business was visited by inspectors after a customer complaint unrelated to hygiene.

He said: “We’ve been told to close and I am going to take it further.

“They went into the kitchen and found three mouse droppings and five or six flies and said there was risk of food contamination.

“There were no flies on any food and the window was open as it was a hot day. We do Facebook live streams and wouldn’t do that if our restaurant and kitchen was that bad.

“We’ve also had visits from other hygiene inspectors and certified pest control firms who say everything’s fine.”

The business was rated as three, which is generally satisfactory, by the Food Standards Agency in April.

Mr Rodrigues said his main concern is re-opening as soon as possible and he has ordered fly screens as requested by the council.

He said: “We’ve also got a report from a certified pest control body to show we are rodent free as well and we will be telling the council we’ve done what has been asked of us.

“I was told we’ve got to wait to hear if it will be going to court and I do not want to wait for this to re-open. There was also a leak but it’s been sorted too. I hope the council will come back soon as tell us we’re safe to open.”

A spokesman for Rochford District Council said: “The council is working with the business to resolve the issues identified on the notice.”