A FOOTBALL fan is reported to have strangled his partner after returning home from watching England’s loss in the final of the Euros, according to a police officer.

PC Toby Wilde, working with Tendring’s policing team, was called to reports of domestic violence on Sunday evening not long after the final whistle.

He has since taken to social media platform Twitter to share a harrowing and upsetting account of the incident.


In a series of tweets the officer has explained he had received reports of a man who had tried to strangle his girlfriend three times after an argument.

The man is then reported to have made threats to kill her before a nine-year-old boy punched the man, resulting in him losing his grip.

The victim managed to escape to safety before the arrival of the officers.

A man was arrested and was this morning being questioned by the force’s domestic violence teams.

According to PC Wilde the incident occurred after England lost to Italy in the Euros cup final, which saw the team lose on penalties. 


Research previously found the number domestic abuse incidents reported to police in Lancashire during World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2010 rose by 38 per cent on the days England lost.

He said: “Domestic tonight, partner had arrived back from the football and after an argument strangled his partner three times.

“On the final time stated he was going to kill her… victim could not breathe.

“Bravely the nine-year-old at the address punched the male causing him to lose his grip, allowing the victim time to fight back and escape the address.

“A colleague and myself attended the address after speaking with the victim and arrested a male who now awaits questioning by our domestic teams.”

If you are a victim of domestic abuse visit nationaldahelpline.org.uk or call 0808 2000 247.