A BAN on alcohol could be introduced to combat booze-fuelled anti-social behaviour as groups congregate on a grass mound.

Residents and councillors near York Road and Toledo Road have been left furious after yobs have been starting fights and verbally abusing homeowners and passers-by on the mound off the Queensway.

Officers are now investigating whether a “no alcohol zone” could be introduced.


Matt Dent, councillor of the Kursaal ward, said: “It’s frightening and really quite intimating.

“It’s got worse as we have come out of lockdown. It’s happening every summer, and has been for years. It’s a major issue at the moment.

“A ban on alcohol could be the way forward and make all the difference.”

Mr Dent told the Echo that groups of people drink alcohol all day on the mound, before “getting rowdy.”

At a council meeting last week, Martin Terry, councillor in charge of community safety, agreed to investigate.

Councillor Terry said: “I’ve agreed to have a look at it. It’s an ongoing problem.

“Discussions are ongoing and we’re considering it.

“It’s in the early stages at the moment.

“There are a number of HMO’s in the area, and a lot of the people on the mound have substance abuse issues.

“We have a number of services to try and help them, but there’s not much more we can do.

“A lot of them are addicted to substances, including alcohol.”

This comes as Southend Council has approved a move to implement a Public Space Protection Order in Old Leigh and Chalkwell, after months of repeated anti-social behaviour.

The same order is in place in Southend town centre.

This gives police officers increased powers to move people on.

Councillor Dent added: “Residents are very keen to see a no drinking order applied to the area, to allow enforcement to take proactive action and prevent antisocial behaviour.”

“I’m delighted that Martin has agreed to look into this, and I will be continuing to liaise with him and officers on the subject on behalf of residents going forward.”