Former Love Island star Dani Dyer has reportedly split up with boyfriend Sammy Kimmence after he was jailed for fraud. 

Kimmence, who is from Rayleigh, was handed a three-and-a-half years prison sentence on Wednesday after he was found guilty of conning pensioners out of £34,000. 

Portsmouth Crown Court was told Kimmence, 25, had promised he would invest the money for them by placing horse-racing bets on their behalf. 

But he used the cash to pay off his own debts, book himself a hotel in Ibiza, pay restaurants bills and buy new clothes. 

A source close to Dani has told the MailOnline that she has been left devestated by the court case and is now planning to raise the couple's young son, Santiago, alone. 

Echo: Sammy KimmenceSammy Kimmence

The insider said: "She is absolutely floored by what's happened with Sammy. She knows she has to make massive changes in her life and she's so distraught.

"All she knows is that her baby boy Santiago is the only thing that matters now and she is trying to work out how best to look after him as a single parent."

The source went on to claim that Kimmence had downplayed the court case and insisted Dani needed time to think things through. 

They added: "He led her to believe he hadn't done anything too serious and that he would get a suspended sentence now she knows the full horror of the crime."

"She is broken. She feels desperately sorry for the two men he scammed and whose lives he ruined.

"'She feels utterly stupid for ever believing him and she is totally overwhelmed."

Kimmence had initially denied charges of fraud before changing his plea at the last minute.

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He had written a letter to the judge sentencing him on Wednesday, saying he would look to repay the money to his victims. 

One of the victims has since died following the con, which occurred between 2016 and 2018.

Kimmence wrote in his letter: “I would like to begin by apologising firstly for even having to write this letter to you.

"The crime I committed years ago was totally unacceptable and I take full responsibility for my actions which have led me to where I am now.

“When these crimes were committed, I was a completely different person, I was a youngster, driven by ego, opinions and looking like something I wasn’t.

“I looked up to people who I believed were successful which in reality they were far from it. I understand that nothing will ever be able to justify my actions but what I can tell you is that I have come a long way from the person I once was.

“I cannot erase the memory of how much of an awful human being I was, I can only learn from it which I feel like I have done over the years.

“I understand the impact that my actions have had, not only financially but emotionally, and the detriment that this has had on both Mr Haynes and Mr Martin and their families as well.

“Recently becoming a father myself, I now realise how much of an impact this can have not only one person but a family unit as a whole and I am ashamed to have put those families through everything that I have.

"For this, I am truly sorry.

“I have since been saving up money in order to repay all the monies lost to both Mr Haynes and Mr Martin, which I fully intend to do.”