THIS is everything that's been heard in the latest murder trial this week.

Basildon Crown Court heard that a homeless man murdered his friend by stamping on him over him allegedly stealing a phone.

Lucasz Kustra is standing trial for the murder of Wojciech Miecznikowski following an incident near Westcliff Library on Fleetwood Avenue last year.

It is alleged that the 37-year-old, of no fixed address, attacked Mr Miecznikowski when they were drinking in the street with other men outside the library on September 22, 2020.

Basildon Crown Court heard that a woman was walking by the scene at around 12.30pm where she saw the victim lying on the pavement with a pool of blood around his head.

Mr Miecznikowski was flown to the Royal London Hospital but sadly was pronounced dead three days later on September 25.

Kustra denies one count of murder and manslaughter.

Prosecuting, Peter Gair told a jury of six men and women that Kustra and the victim had known each other and were both homeless, regularly meeting to drink in the street.

Mr Gair said one of the men had lost his phone a few days before, and suspected Mr Miecznikowski had taken it - a claim he denied.

Mr Gair said the man, along with another present at the scene, had witnessed Kustra attacking the victim.

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He said: "At some point during the drinking session he asked Wojciech where his phone was. He then described the defendant who was standing nearby who started punching and kicking Wojciech.

"[The other man] recalls that during this conversation between them the man accused Wojciech of having stolen his phone, something Wojciech denied, and then it was this defendant that starting beating Wojciech up.

"During the assault Wojciech was on the ground and the defendant was stomping on Wojciech's face.

"He described Wojciech as bleeding and the assault lasted for a while and then it was the defendant that tried to sit Wojciech up, but he was at this point unconscious. He then described them sitting down and carrying on drinking."

Body cam footage from police officers was played to the jury, which showed them speaking to Kustra at the scene, where he said he had been "in a fight" with someone.

Mr Gair told the jury of the moment a woman raised the alarm.

He said: "She saw blood on the back of his head and a pool of blood where he was lying.

"She came around the corner and saw three men in the area, two of them were asleep.

"She was so concerned about the man with the head injury she dialled 999."

Doctor's findings

Pathologist Doctor Matthew took to the witness box on the second day to share his findings after examining Mr Miecznikowski's body.

Dr Cieka shared the details of the injuries sustained by Mr Miecznikowski.

He said that some of the bruising sustained could indicate that Mr Miecznikowski was trying to defend himself.

He said: “The findings of this case are indicative of a sustained blunt force assault with numerous blows to the head, chest and back.

“The head injuries are not consistent to the result of a fall.

“Some of these injuries are probably related to one blow.”

Peter Gair asked: “I believe you have cast your mind to the estimate of the number of blows that there may have been to cause all the injuries, is that right?”

Dr Cieka replied: “I estimate there were at least 24 blows to cause the injuries as described.

“There was impact to the mouth were his tooth has been knocked out.”

Mr Gair asked Dr Cieka what his cause of death was.

The doctor replied: “The cause of death was severe blunt force head injuries.”