A MAN’S ear was bitten off after a furious row erupted when he was accused of not being faithful to his partner.

The attack happened in the home of Cecillia Biscette and her two sons, Jake and James Nestor.

A row between Biscette and her partner led to the two sons coming downstairs and attacking the man on the floor, and during the attack, his ear was bitten off.

The shocking details were heard at Basildon Crown Court after Biscette, 57, of Yardley, Basildon, and Jake Nestor, 20, and James Nestor, 29, also of Yardley, admitted their roles in the violent attack.

Judge Samantha Leigh said the incident happened at Biscette’s home on August 17 last year. 

She said: “Her and the complainant were in a relationship and there was an issue of whether someone had been unfaithful or not unfaithful and then the boys piled in, and during that fight his ear was bitten off.”

Prosecuting, Geoffrey Porter revealed the mum and the victim had plans to get married.

He said: “He has got onto the ground and makes it clear that she shouted at him and kicked at his nose while he was under attack from the boys.

“They had been engaged for a number of months and intended to marry in two years time.


“The complainant always expressed the view that in his view that it was the sons that were the violent ones.”

Mr Porter added the victim “didn’t want her prosecuted”.

However, Biscette was charged with assault by beating, which she admitted, while her sons admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Mitigating for Biscette, Noel Casey said that she’s had a successful career in the finance industry having previously worked in New York around the time of 9/11, before moving back to the UK.

He said: “Both parties had taken alcohol and were watching the Grand Prix.

“There was an argument about messages on a phone and it got out of hand.

“She accepts the two kicks that he described.”

Judge Leigh told Biscette: “I can take a rather exceptional view that this can be a 12 months conditional discharge.

“The other two are in a very, very different situation and position to this defendant.”

The Nestor brothers will be sentenced on September 16.