TWO women stumbled across a man stark naked eating a banana in the middle of a field.

The man, understood to be in his 50s, was in Willow Park near the Westley Heights Country Park, when the two women found him “lying naked on the ground.”

Friends of the victims say the man failed to cover up despite the two women walking past on Monday afternoon, at 12.30pm.

This comes after a serial flasher has been seen across Basildon’s parks in recent months, including at Willow Park.

However the description for Monday’s incident differs from that of the serial flasher.

Senior councillors are now calling for drones to be used to help catch those responsible.


Lorraine Borley has been giving out hundreds of alarms to charities and women who are now scared to go out following the incidents.

The 58-year-old said: “They were walking out of the woods into the large field.

“He was in plain view.

“It beggars belief as to what’s going on.

“I was so shocked when they told me.

“It’s happening more and more at the moment. It’s ridiculous.

“The rape alarms are really helping women feel more confident about going out.”

The Echo understands in the past two weeks, a women and her child were flashed on Mandeville Way and a man was seen urinating in front of children in Gloucester Park.

This follows claims from a council officer that “Basildon’s parks have never been safer”, just days after a man was stabbed to death in Northlands Park.

Kerry Smith, councillor of the Nethermayne ward, added: “We use drones in planning, so why can’t we use them to catch these perverts? The technology is there?

“As long as there’s notices on the gates warning people that drones are being used, then I don’t see why not.

“There needs to be arrests made, it’s been going on too long now.

“Police have been stretched in the Covid pandemic, hopefully they can step it up now we’re out of restrictions.”

A masked cyclist also tried to grab two young boys in a failed kidnap attempt near Northlands Park on Monday, and a teenage boy was beaten to the ground by a masked gang in a “traumatic” daylight attack in Gloucester Park last week.

Essex Police was contacted for comment.