"MINDLESS" yobs have vandalised toilets on Southend seafront.

Southend Beach Welfare Officers from Chalkwell lifeguards Club responded to a report from a member of the public on Tuesday afternoon that the sunken toilets along Chalkwell Esplanade at Joselyns Beach had been badly damaged by vandals.

Upon arrival to investigate the officers discovered that two wash hand basins and a waste container had been ripped from the wall leaving mains water gushing onto the floor.


Beach Welfare Officers made contact with the Pier and Foreshore office and a joint operation was organised with Viola engineers to attend and cut off the mains water supply.

A Chalkwell Lifeguards Club spokesman said: "It is so frustrating having to deal with an ever increasing number of incidents of mindless damage to council property.

"These facilities are provided by the council to benefit the whole community."