A MAN sexually assaulted three women walking in Southend, forcing one to the ground and saying “you want it, don’t you?” to another, a court heard.

Albert Stone is alleged to have attacked three women over three days in Southend and Chalkwell from March 31 to April 2, 2020.

The 30-year-old, currently of HMP Highpoint, allegedly grabbed a woman and tried to force her into some bushes, thrust his groin into another, and sexually assaulted a third by penetration.

Basildon Crown Court heard that all three victims were separate and not known to Stone.

Stone denies any involvement.

Prosecuting, Joe Bird, told a jury of seven women and five men that the first woman was attacked on the steps near the Cliffs Pavilion when power walking at 9am.

He said: “She noticed Stone at the top of the stairs but didn’t pay much attention.

“He then followed her and she noticed he was behind her and heard a scuffle. She thought he had fallen and turned to see if he was okay.

“He stood in front of her, grabbed her by the waist and tried pulling her into the bushes next to the stairs.

“Fortunately she had the fortitude and courage to scream out. He said ‘what’s that all about, there’s no need for that’.

“She shouted ‘freak’ at him and walked back to her car.”


Mr Bird said the second woman was walking from Southend High Street, down to the seafront and then in the direction of Leigh on April 1 at 7.45am.

Stone allegedly approached from behind and thrust his groin into her back, saying “you want this, don’t you”.

The most serious allegation relates to an incident on April 2 in Chalkwell Park.

Mr Bird said: “She heard someone running behind her and though it was a jogger running past.

“She stood against some railings to get out of the way. It was the defendant and he grabbed her in a bear hug, they ended up face to face.”

Mr Bird said Stone had used one hand to hold the woman, and another to sexually assault her.

They ended up on the ground with Stone on top, and he allegedly sexually assaulted her again.

After leaving the scene, the woman called the police who found her near a children’s play park.

Mr Bird added: “The three victims were subject to sexual attacks by him on those days.

“He was a complete stranger to them and he chose to target them early in the morning.”

The trial continues.